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* Attic or crawlspace noises?

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All your wildlife problems from squirrels destroying your attic to animals digging up your yard can be solved by calling

Lansing Animal Control.   We are wildlife professionals that deal with all types of wildlife problems on a daily basis, and what may surprise you, is an ordinary everyday occurrence to Lansing Animal Control Call us any time of day or night to allow us to help solve your Lansing animal problems

We service this county everyday.   We are your local wildlife professional.

After removing the nuisance animal we  can repair the damage the animal has inflicted on your dwelling or structure.

            The raccoon is one of the most troublesome critters you can have in your home. Raccoons use toilets that very quickly become biological hazards. They hold several viruses that can be fatal to man. Raccoons are very mean even though they look cute. There are 30 sub species of raccoons in North America, the smallest being in the Florida keys and the largest being in the North east.

          A Raccoon can tear through shingles and chew open gable end vents with just a little effort. They start to look for den sites in October and will continue to look until they find a suitable site. When you have a raccoon in your home, don't try to handle it yourself, call us. We can remove them correctly and clean up any messes they have left.


Lansing Squirrel removal and Lansing squirrel control can be very challenging.  It will require many different types of tools and ladders to complete this task. There are many different types of squirrel traps. Live traps in the attics aren't as effective as you might think. Trapping Lansing squirrels at the roof entrance and near the entrance can be very successful  Most Lansing squirrel control service work is at the roof line if the house or dwelling. Getting the Lansing squirrel out of the attic may require trapping, although it can be done through exclusion. A combination of exclusion and trapping is the best way to permanently keep Lansing squirrels out. Properly trained & licensed exclusion professionals will make Lansing squirrel Removal, problem free. Lansing animal control officers will respond free of charge when a squirrel is in the living areas of your home. How to Trap Squirrels & trapping Squirrels Squirrel Removal Prevention Choose  Lansing squirrel Removal

Lansing Raccoon Removal and Lansing Racccoon Trapping is very dangerous work. Lansing Raccoons have a higher possibility of carrying rabies and will be aggressive if cornered in the attic or inside your chimney. Most county and state animal control officials will respond to a Lansing raccoon inside you living areas of your home at no charge. When the Lansing raccoon takes up residence in your yard, crawlspace, attic, and chimney then you need a professional. Most Lansing wildlife removal and control professionals have had a rabies pre-exposure vaccine administered to them. A contaminated attic may need Attic Decontamination is a most after removing these animals. Look here for Center for Diseses Control  information on Lansing raccoon fecal matter removal.

Lansing Skunk Removal and Lansing Skunk control will always be unpredictable. The spray from a Lansing skunk can linger for weeks. unless you are very brave and or very confident, always have a Lansing skunk professional remove these friendly but smelly creatures. Dogs that get sprayed by the Lansing skunk usaully try to rub the smell from a Lansing skunk onto your carpet or couch.  

Lansing Opossum trapping and Lansing opossum removal is less dangerous than most other wildlife control, it is still not for everyone.  The opossum is part of the kangaroo family. usually the opossum resides in the lower areas of your dwelling. The Lansing opossum usually feeds on the dead caucus of other animals. Trapping Lansing opossums removal and exclusion is the best way to handle these creatures. Lansing Opossums usually are geound dwelling animals, if you hear noises in the attic and saw Lansing opossum in the back yard, it doesn't mean its in your attic, although it can be if the attic has easy access. These Lansing opossums are sometimes referred to Lansing possums

Lansing Snake Removal Lansing snakes get the worst publicity of all. They have been feared since biblical times. Although Lansing snakes are sometimes thought to stalk humans that's quite untrue. they're very east to predict. Food, heat and water is all they pursue. Take any of these things out of the equation and the snake leaves. Lansing Wildlife control professionals know how to remove the factors and then remove the Lansing snake problem.

Lansing Beaver Removal Lansing Beavers destroy man made habitat, but create much needed wetlands. The Lansing beaver will never stop tearing down trees and blocking waterways. Most humans cannot tolerate beavers when they devour the ornamental trees that humans plant . Tree replacement can be very expensive. some trees such as weeping cherry and weeping willows can be hundreds of dollars to replace and Lansing beavers can fall 5 trees per night. If you remove these trees the Lansing beaver will fall anither tree the next night olny to eat the tops first.

Lansing Bird Removal from Vents Lansing birds crap all over everything. from Lansing starlings nesting in vents to Lansing pigeons roosting at areas where humans do business, Lansing birds create many environmental hazards..After Having the Lansing Birds it is very important to have the area decontaminated.Bird Netting And bird Spikes in Lansing are good solutions to your Lansing bird control methods

Lansing Bat Removal Bats in Lansing are considered carriers of rabies and should be excluded by professionals.  There are to many variables in which to consider in Lansing bat control and exclusion. Every situation in Lansing is unique and should be evaluated and handled by a Lansing licensed wildlife animal control professional. Experience is the key in removing these Lansing Bats. From vents with a maternity colony to completely infested buildings, Lansing bat exclusion work is the most detailed work that can be done by the Lansing Bat certified professional. After removing Lansing bats in the attic one should consider Lansing attic decontamination for further protection against disease.

Lansing mole Removal    Moles are one of the common species of wildlife that we are called upon to control in North Houston. Moles can be found living in at lawns and landscapes throughout Lansing.  Lansing mole removal and mole trapping should be initiated as soon as the mole has been discovered living in these areas as Moles will tunnel through lawns damaging root systems and making it unstable to walk on the lawn. Expensive landscaping can be ruined quickly by this very small animal. Lansing is home to the Eastern Mole. Moles also take up residence under porches and patios Mole Removal Is Very Important to protect these areas. Moles create tunnels underground and "push up" the dirt that is excavated and deposit it on the surface of your lawn or landscape. Moles commonly eat earthworms and grubs.

6-27-10    I applied eviction fluid in the attic through the vent cap. I trimmed the lattice outside the house, that the client  had used for flowers. The client said everything is quiet will go back and seal entry point. 6-28-10    Went back to the post office skunk job that I had my negative air machine at. I removed the machine, disinfected the entire crawl space and seal all entry points. 
6-30-10    I arrived at the clients house to remove bird nest in soffitt. Removed birds nest, and disinfected, and sealed the hole in the soffitt.  I went into the attic to make sure that no birds had gotten in. 
6-30-10    Trenched around 4 x 8 concrete porch, and poured concrete to keep animals from digging under porch. 
7-1-10    Client had his 80 year old mother living in a home that the laundry room was being remodeled, the ceiling was plastic and insulation. She said she saw a raccoon paw poke through the plastic and heard chattering. I arrived and  removed insulation and plastic, until I found the babies. I removed 4 babies by hand, and 1 with a catch pole. I then set a box trap for the mother.  

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Black bears are somewhat of a problem in Ironwood in the summer, they are becoming "town bear" much the same as the "town deer" who raid our gardens constantly. There have been reports of wolves attacking dogs here in the western U.P. Please try again.We offer a help-yourself full breakfast in the dining room, private bathrooms for all rooms, extended cable and wireless internet to stay in touch (if you want!). Living areas, private bath, wood stoves, fire rings, and spectacular views are just a few of the amenities. The Turkey's Roost: is a unique cozy, warm and inviting cabin. Sulfide mining, a largely untested process, is banned in Wisconsin because of its potential to leak battery acid into the surrounding water. Opponents say that by granting the Eagle Mine permit, the state is about to gamble its most precious resource for about 100 short-term jobs.Not only do my technicians and I trap and remove problem wild animals, we do a lot of other dirty work, too. Don't hesitate to call us for dead animal removal , pigeon waste cleanup, bat guano removal, mouse droppings , decontamination, repairs, above ground and below ground rodent slick fencing , odor control for skunk spray , and the like. Less often, skunks may be found acting as scavengers, eating bird and rodent carcasses left by cats or other animals. Pet owners, particularly those of cats, may experience a skunk finding its way into a garage or basement where pet food is kept. These animals are the number one pest in Kansas. They can gain access to your attic or home and cause severe damage. We've seen a cougar not far from our cabin, it's a beautiful animal! Coyotes whoop it up in the thick woods in the back. Trapping is an effective way to remove a specific pest animal, but isn't useful against a large local population over the long run. In the latter case, trapping should be done in conjunction with exclusion, fencing, or altering the habitat. We had subcontracted to him for a few years prior to (purchasing the business) because we didn't have the equipment or the know-how to do those particular animals. That's what made it very attractive to us. We expect to see many of the animals that call the refuge home, but if not, the landscape is always exceptional. With large sliding-glass windows, our boats are fully enclosed and have heat, AC, and restrooms onboard. Many of the people who viewed the exhibit during Memorial Day and since have been overwhelmed with how terrific the animals look. Your attention to detail, the creation of new habitats, and the stabilizing of several of the animals has insured us that this exhibit will be around for another 100 years.". It is an escape from the hustle of the city without making a long drive, and many who visit feel that they are "up north.".Deer, fox, raccoon, other animals, and dozens of species of birds live in the preserve. Woldumar's habitats are all left to the whims of nature, which continuously improves the complexion of the preserve. But what you can�t see is the disease that all animals transmit by living in close proximity to your commercial building or city. This is very important in orphaned animals where the risk of imprinting is very high. Wildlife Control has many different traps and trapping techniques. Live trapping is benefit to all, even when the animal control target is a skunk! Many of our offices also offer pest control services, to get rid of ants , spiders , roaches , termites , bees or any other pest. Our animal control experts can handle any wild animal situation, from bats to birds and raccoons to squirrels , even an occasional snake or alligator problem. To keep the weight of food under control, exper .  wildlife control professional should posses the proper supplies essential to safely perform wildlife control to resolve the wildlife problem. In many areas of North America, abundance of white-tailed deer has increased dramatically in the past two decades, which has caused many wildlife managers to ask whether deer populations can be controlled with conventional harvest strategies. In this publication, the authors used population reconstruction modeling to simulate deer populations from mixed hardwood forests in southern New York, determined antlerless deer harvests needed to stabilize or reduce populations, and evaluated whether current hunting systems can effectively achieve potential ecosystem objectives. We can locate and remove dead animals in walls, find dead animals in attics and basements and control these bad odors. We have the specialized tools to find them and minimize the damage of removing them from your walls. We developed subsampling protocols to account for both spatial and temporal variance in sample distribution and variation in sample quality using recently published quality control protocols using 5 microsatellite loci. We quantified genotyping errors using samples from harvested bears and estimated abundance using statistical models that accounted for genotyping error.One particular area of concern is the Menominee River where he is working with three different power companies to pass sturgeon past five dams. They are in the design phase on most of these projects and are currently monitoring sturgeon movement with underwater video cameras and a PIT tag antennae. Don’t be fooled by the companies on the internet who offer magic sprays, electronic devices and waste your money. Bat problems are often caused by poor home maintenance and poor design. The parks name comes from the Lincoln Brick Company, the last of five companies that made bricks here f . The town west of Lansing is named after The Ledges, ancient sedimentary outcroppings t .The East Lansing pest control specialist was a cripple after a two-car accident in 1996. The morning seemed perfect amid a clump of cedars on a windswept Michigan pasture. What will be the least hazardous to pets, people, and non-target wildlife? Are you losing enough money to justify a control expense? A word about the foe: Roughly 95 percent of the moles Hempel conquers are eastern moles; the remaining 5 percent are star-nosed moles. They're mainly 6 to 8 inches long. Marvin Moriarty, Northeast regional director of the US Fish and Wildlife Service, unveiled a draft national plan this month to better control the spread of the illness, minimize the risk, and coordinate research and public outreach efforts. For over 150 years  Pest  of East Lansing, Michigan has been dedicated to being the most professional and responsive pest control company in East Lansing and all of Michigan as well as throughout our service area. At  Pest  we offer the most innovative eco-friendly pest management services that get rid of ants , bed bugs and other nuisance and potentially harmful insects. Groups of abandoned lead-zinc mines in north-east and central-west Wales have been examined and evaluated for their significance to wildlife conservation. A study investigated the effects on the structure of an eastern deciduous forest from 27 years of artificial feeding of ungulates, including deer. Populations of deer, elk and sheep were maintained at higher densities in feeding areas than in areas where feeding did not occur. East Lansing, MI campgrounds and RV parks reviews are a valuable resource for choosing your camping destination. Don?t get stuck in a run-down scary place.