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Animal Bat & Bird Extractors

Tim Mc Dowell

301-748-8372   Emmitsburg MD

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Need A Mt Airy Animal Control Service?

* Attic or crawlspace noises?

* Mt Airy Garbage cans raided?

* Excessive digging around foundation?

* Bad smells in walls or vents?

*Need A Mt Airy Bat Removal Service?*

All your wildlife problems from squirrels destroying your attic to animals digging up your yard can be solved by calling

Mt Airy Animal Control.   We are wildlife professionals that deal with all types of wildlife problems on a daily basis, and what may surprise you, is an ordinary everyday occurrence to Mt Airy Animal Control Call us any time of day or night to allow us to help solve your Mt Airy animal problems

We service this county everyday.   We are your local wildlife professional.

After removing the nuisance animal we  can repair the damage the animal has inflicted on your dwelling or structure.

Problem nuisance animal links and information.

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Animal Control Services We Provide

We can solve any animal control issue from animals in attics, chimneys, yards and buildings. We have more experience than your backyard animal trapper. Trapping is only one service we provide. Exclusion, the making of buildings animal proof, is the best way to deal with nuisance wildlife. A solution to most wildlife issues isn't trapping,. Raccoons tearing trash cans apart for food every night, is a symptom of a bigger problem. Remove the raccoon, another one appears within a week. Making the trash cans raccoon proof, THATS THE ANSWER. So many animal issues can be solved thinking outside the box. Then and only then, we can live with wildlife peacefully. This is the path we all must pursue. Trap animal frequentally of modify habitat?

Squirrel Removal And Squirrel Trapping

Squirrels are creatures we enjoy watching eating an acorn, climbing a tree, or scampering around the neighborhood. When we hear one chewing in our attics, we totally freak out. Squirrels must chew to file their teeth down. If they don't chew, their teeth grow into their jaw and they cannot eat anymore. To hear this in an attic is horrible, our minds over imagine its chewing its way directly to us, as if were his intended victim. Well we aren't and will never be. Squirrels will only stand up to us when they are protecting their young. Squirrels will take advantage of our hospitality, when we leave our house with and area they can enter, when its cold they will. There they will stay until removed. Maybe in the process they will have babies. They have no grudge towards you, they are just trying to stay warm. We Have No Problem Removing Squirrels And Making Your House Squirrel Proof.

Raccoons  In Attic & Chimneys

Raccoons enter your attic via, attic fans, attic vents, rotten roof edges and holes in the soffet and facia (Roof Overhang). A raccoon on average needs 25 square inches to penetrate your attic. This is a dimension of 5 inches x 5 inches. If you suspect raccoons in the attic, listen to the way it walks. Most raccoons lumber across the attic, Squirrels run fast, and mice basically stay in the same area and make scratching noises. Raccoons usually give birth April 1 of each year, and in august for a late litter. Depending how north or south you live depends on the exact timing of the birthing season. Never attempt to remove raccoons at these times of the year as you might strand babies inside and mother outside, the best that can happen is mother raccoon will rip your shingles from your roof attempting to get to her babies. Never set traps at these times either. LEAVE IT UP TO A PROFESSIONAL  Remember most state laws require killing a Raccoon if you trap and posses him.

Skunk Trapping & Removal

Skunks, believe it or not, don't stink. Their spray does. When they spray they usually do not get it on themselves. If your house has been skunked, chances the skunk will leave for a couple of days. skunks are burrowing animals, therefore you wont find them in an attic. They dig under sheds, carports, concrete steps and any place with loose dirt available. It is very possible to exclude skunks from most of these areas. Remember most state laws require killing a skunk if you trap and posses him.

Snake Removal From Your Homes

We will inspect all possible entrances snakes will use to enter your house or building. Upon finding entrances, we can set snake exclusion devices to allow snakes to exit your building, then seal remaining entrances. Preventive snake control is the best possible solution for snake infestations. Trapping snakes also helps keep snakes at bay. A good rodent removal plan is key in keeping the food source for snakes to a minimum.

Dead Animal Removal

Removing dead animals isn't for the queezy. Maggots, bad smells and a complete mess is involved when removing the rotting carcass. Many times fleas and ticks jump from the dead animals body onto ours. Removing dead animals from under crawlspaces can pose many problems such as, tunneling under the sun room and porches, Concrete steps,cars and anything you can imagine. Heavy deer cause a problem when we have to load in our trucks, then we also, have to dispose of them properly. In most cases removing the animals, Removes the smell.

Woodchuck Trapping And Groundhog Control

Groundhogs, whistle pigs, woodchucks are burrowing animals that dig up our yards, eat our gardens, and basically scare most people. Trapping with live traps can be successful, and in most states are legal to release elsewhere.

Bat Removal / Bats In Attic

Bats Are Protected Federally. Trapping bats is not a long term solution. Exclusion, (Getting them out and sealing them out LIVE) is a long term solution. Killing bats is agenst the law. Bats can carry rabies, but you wont be able to tell if it is rabid unless you have the bat to test. if you have any feeling you have come in contact with a bat (it has touched, scratched or bit you SEEK Medical ADVICE. Do not guess, ask your doctor. Rabies is 100% Fatal. Bat colony's can be removed from your house at certain times of the year, other times baby bats can complicate things. Seek our professional advice.

Beaver Trapping / Beaver Dam Removal

Beavers tear trees apart, not the cheap trees either. Weeping willows and cherry trees are their favorite. in fact, weeping willow branches make great beaver lure. They dam up creeks and flood useful property until they are stopped. Their lodge is only to house their young, so if a lodge appears on your land, then a family isn't far behind. This world is more populated everyday, more children who love to play in creeks and ponds, make beaver trapping with killing traps a big problem. Killing traps will break the arms of children and break the noses of dogs snooping in the water. The Hancock style trap is a better solution for catching beavers because it is a visible trap.

Bird & Pigeon Trapping And Removal

We spend a lot of time on bird issues. from birds flying in grocery stores to raptors stuck in your local Wal-Mart store. Some birds require bird netting to remove them and seal them out, while others can be trapped. Starlings like to enter your microwave stove vent and any small gaps in your roofline. Squirrels like to come behind them and steal their shelter and eggs. Birds in a chimney present a special problem if the chimney is metal. the bird doesn't get trapped in the flue, it gets trapped in the liner. Removing birds from the liner can require cutting the wall, (to access liner)cutting the metal liner, and then removing the bird.

Stray & Feral Cat Removal

Its always nice to get pinned between cat lovers and cat haters. Cat lovers will feed every cat in the neighborhood, usually outside, near a cat haters house or car. The cat hater will want all cats trapped and removed. They poop in his garden, on his step, on his car, spray his bushes, and just generally piss him off. Cats know who he is, and do this on purpose. NOT. Removing stray cats can be the worst job we can get in the middle of. We cant come out on top.

Opossum Trapping

" IT LOOKED AT ME" This is a common reason why people call us about opossums. The opossum is just looking for the dead animals it eats or trash to sustain his opossum diet. they are ground and tree dwellers. These animals will get into any nook they can.

Rodent Rat Mouse Removal

Mouse removal is simply finding the exterior entrances, sealing them out, and trapping the remaining mice. In certain instances we install valves to allow mice or rats to exit, then seal them out. most mouse and rat removal situations require trapping, live or killing traps.

Fox / Coyote Trapping

The most difficult trapping is the fox or coyote. Our operators have special trape in wich these animals can be caught live. habitat modification such as, trash can lids, deck fencing, and additional concrete around front purches, can be proven successful in deterring these animals. Many times foxes eat small birds and cats where coyotes will remove and eat small dogs, cats, squirels, rabbits ECT.

Armadillo Trapping (Southern States)

Armadillo require trapping. Setting the traps with fencing directing the animals into the traps works best. Habitat modification is hard to accomplish due to the animals digging about anywhere in the yard to find grubs and worms.

Flying Squirrel Proofing

Really a job for the experienced, as most pest companys confuse flying squirrels for mice. Flying squirrels eat mice and seeds. Flying squirrels will be most active between 10 pm and 4 am. Guaranteed to drive the homeowner crazy. Recentally I did a flyer job at a home where a homeowner had a company estimate the job at $2800.00. They said the attic had mice and squirrels. I told them upon my arrival that it was probably flyers amd that mice weren't the issue. I charged them $495.00 to get rid of the flying squirrels, did the job, and their attic has been noise free since. They had no mice, and therefore had a smaller bill.


Mt Airy Squirrel removal and Mt Airy squirrel control can be very challenging.  It will require many different types of tools and ladders to complete this task. There are many different types of squirrel traps. Live traps in the attics aren't as effective as you might think. Trapping Mt Airy squirrels at the roof entrance and near the entrance can be very successful  Most Mt Airy squirrel control service work is at the roof line if the house or dwelling. Getting the Mt Airy squirrel out of the attic may require trapping, although it can be done through exclusion. A combination of exclusion and trapping is the best way to permanently keep Mt Airy squirrels out. Properly trained & licensed exclusion professionals will make Mt Airy squirrel Removal, problem free. Mt Airy animal control officers will respond free of charge when a squirrel is in the living areas of your home. How to Trap Squirrels & trapping Squirrels Squirrel Removal Prevention Choose  Mt Airy squirrel Removal

Mt Airy Raccoon Removal and Mt Airy Racccoon Trapping is very dangerous work. Mt Airy Raccoons have a higher possibility of carrying rabies and will be aggressive if cornered in the attic or inside your chimney. Most county and state animal control officials will respond to a Mt Airy raccoon inside you living areas of your home at no charge. When the Mt Airy raccoon takes up residence in your yard, crawlspace, attic, and chimney then you need a professional. Most Mt Airy wildlife removal and control professionals have had a rabies pre-exposure vaccine administered to them. A contaminated attic may need Attic Decontamination is a most after removing these animals. Look here for Center for Diseses Control  information on Mt Airy raccoon fecal matter removal.

Mt Airy Skunk Removal and Mt Airy Skunk control will always be unpredictable. The spray from a Mt Airy skunk can linger for weeks. unless you are very brave and or very confident, always have a Mt Airy skunk professional remove these friendly but smelly creatures. Dogs that get sprayed by the Mt Airy skunk usually try to rub the smell from a Mt Airy skunk onto your carpet or couch.  Skunks are intelligent and usually good natured. Despite their gentle manner, skunks can be deadly simply because they are often carriers of rabies. Skunks are predators and can decimate ground-nesting wild bird populations and local populations of endangered species of small mammals. Skunks are not true hibernators. They venture out of their dens for short distances when temperatures are near the freezing mark and snow conditions are favorable.  Skunks are furbearers, and this classification provides them with legal protection except during the hunting and trapping season. Skunk activity rarely causes serious economic loss; rather, their scent creates a nuisance around occupied buildings. Skunks are fearless and won�t back down when endangered, especially during their breeding season. This is another reason they are so often struck by vehicles at this time of the year. Skunks are perhaps most well known for their defense strategy. When confronted, striped skunks will face the threat, arch and elevate their tail, erect the tail hairs, chatter their teeth, and stomp the ground with their front feet.  Skunks are active both day and night and seem to be most active during the late evening and early hours of the night. They den up in groups during the winter. Skunks are excellent “mousers”, and may even be better at it then cats. They eat many mice, rats, other small rodents, grubs, and a variety of insects. Skunks are vulnerable to conibear-type traps and a fruit or vegetable bait is even more important when this trap is used. Often skunks killed in Conibear traps will not emit their musk.  Skunks are known to break open eggs by pitching them backward between their legs. Shallow pits dug or rooted in the earth are evidence of their nightly hunts. Skunks are rodent predators who often follow mice and rats into these areas. Close openings around decks, stairs, sheds and hot tubs. Skunks are omnivorous, meaning they eat insects, plants and meats. They dine on insects, grubs, eggs and berries, and occasionally catch mice.  Skunks are out foraging or seeking mates from late afternoon through the night. Their slow gait and reluctance to give ground make them a frequent victim of vehicular traffic, especially at this time of the year. Skunks are also a major reservoir and vector of rabies, but at present oral vaccines for use in skunks are not licensed. Furthermore, given differences in morphology (smaller jaws) and behavior (food handling and consumption), it is unknown if baits currently used in ORV campaigns would be effective for skunks. Skunks are predators too, but they feed extensively on insects and some plant matter.  Skunks are generally active at night, however, healthy skunks are occasionally active during the day. Skunks frequently have poor eyesight and may approach a person or pet or be unaware as a person or pet walks towards them. Skunks are omnivores, meaning they?ll eat just about anything. They?ll consume a variety of plants and animals during the fall and winter, including carrion, but depend on insects in the summer. Skunks are nocturnal and feed on many kinds of plants and animals. Skunks release a noxious musk to discourage predators.  Skunks are the reservoir of the disease and they represent the largest number of positive diagnoses at the laboratory. Bats have also been recognized as a significant reservoir of rabies. Skunks are actually doing a favor by eating some of these pests. I

Mt Airy Opossum trapping and Mt Airy opossum removal is less dangerous than most other wildlife control, it is still not for everyone.  The opossum is part of the kangaroo family. usually the opossum resides in the lower areas of your dwelling. The Mt Airy opossum usually feeds on the dead caucus of other animals. Trapping Mt Airy opossums removal and exclusion is the best way to handle these creatures. Mt Airy Opossums usually are geound dwelling animals, if you hear noises in the attic and saw Mt Airy opossum in the back yard, it doesn't mean its in your attic, although it can be if the attic has easy access. These Mt Airy opossums are sometimes referred to Mt Airy possums

Mt Airy Snake Removal Mt Airy snakes get the worst publicity of all. They have been feared since biblical times. Although Mt Airy snakes are sometimes thought to stalk humans that's quite untrue. they're very east to predict. Food, heat and water is all they pursue. Take any of these things out of the equation and the snake leaves. Mt Airy Wildlife control professionals know how to remove the factors and then remove the Mt Airy snake problem.

Mt Airy Beaver Removal Mt Airy Beavers destroy man made habitat, but create much needed wetlands. The Mt Airy beaver will never stop tearing down trees and blocking waterways. Most humans cannot tolerate beavers when they devour the ornamental trees that humans plant . Tree replacement can be very expensive. some trees such as weeping cherry and weeping willows can be hundreds of dollars to replace and Mt Airy beavers can fall 5 trees per night. If you remove these trees the Mt Airy beaver will fall anither tree the next night olny to eat the tops first.

Mt Airy Bird Removal from Vents Mt Airy birds crap all over everything. from Mt Airy starlings nesting in vents to Mt Airy pigeons roosting at areas where humans do business, Mt Airy birds create many environmental hazards..After Having the Mt Airy Birds it is very important to have the area decontaminated.Bird Netting And bird Spikes in Mt Airy are good solutions to your Mt Airy bird control methods Birds, fish, reptiles (such as snakes, turtles, and lizards), amphibians (such as frogs and salamanders), and insects (bugs) cannot get or spread Rabies. Rabid bats, first found in 1941, continue to be a problem. Bird eggs and birds were second in occurrence in skunk diets, contrary to findings reported by Verts (

Mt Airy Bat Removal Bats in Mt Airy are considered carriers of rabies and should be excluded by professionals.  There are to many variables in which to consider in Mt Airy bat control and exclusion. Every situation in Mt Airy is unique and should be evaluated and handled by a Mt Airy licensed wildlife animal control professional. Experience is the key in removing these Mt Airy Bats. From vents with a maternity colony to completely infested buildings, Mt Airy bat exclusion work is the most detailed work that can be done by the Mt Airy Bat certified professional. After removing Mt Airy bats in the attic one should consider Mt Airy attic decontamination for further protection against disease.

Mt Airy Mole Removal      Moles are highly adapted for digging and this can be seen in their skeleton. The arms stick out to the side of the body so that the animal almost swims through the soil by doing the breaststroke. Moles are also called "nevi.".Oddly shaped nevi are referred to as "atypical.".Most moles develop from sun exposure in childhood. So having a lot of moles may mean that you got a lot of sun as a young child. Moles are offered poison peanuts and chewing gum and sprayed with the oil from castor beans. But no matter what is thrown at them, moles remain mostly unaffected and continue tunneling through the ground in search of food. Moles are truly dependent on an abundant food supply. They will consume their weight in worms and other soil dwellers during a day and night of forging and resting. Moles are often accused of damage to bulbs and garden crops -- damage which is really done by mice that invade their burrows. The female mole ordinarily has one litter of four young each year in April or May.   Moles are growths on the skin. They happen when cells in the skin, called melanocytes, grow in a cluster with tissue surrounding them. Moles are unclassified and people may trap or kill moles on their own property when they are causing damage to crops, domestic animals, or their property


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     Holes under you houses or under your sheds are often times dug out and can soon become entry hole for raccoons, skunks, opossums and woodchucks. All of these critters can cause problems in their own way. Raccoons will tear the underside apart and leave toilets which can soon become hazardous.

Woodchucks can undermine your foundation, skunks will stink you out of house and home if they start to spray and large opossum dens can have their own distinct smell. The best way to handle this is to trap or exclude the animal out and then lay down a barrier they cannot get back through. When you have a problem with one of these animals, give us a call, we can help


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