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Plantation Raccoon In Attic animal Control

At Plantation US Animal Control we specialize in removing Animals and wildlife from your attics and properties. We locate your animals entrance, get the offending critter out, then we seal the entrance. When we remove an animal from you house we GUARANTEE the animal will not be able to return to your house. 90% of our work id done through exclusion, this means closing of areas animals can enter.

Animal Exclusion is the best HUMANE way to get rid of animals Permanently. Many Of Plantation's Creatures Are Raccoons Squirrels And Rats. We are frequently excluding raccoons from chimneys and attics, and rats from ceilings. We never use poison or killing style traps.

Plantation Animal Control Trapping & Plantation Critter Removal

Plantation Snake Removal & Plantation Snake Trappping

If we have to set traps we only set live traps like the one pictured to the right. This trap allows the animal to enter in search of food , get caught , and be removed from the property without being harmed. This trap is safe to set because it cannot hurt the animal and also it cannot hurt any little kid fooling around with it. We take great pride in placement, this keeps the trap hidden from public eye, and keeps a trapped animal safe and not stressed. Groundhogs and wood chucks are living under the porch, trapping and concrete exclusions can solve your problems.

Plantation raccoon trap animal control

Plantation animal control snake mole trapper

Plantation Squirrel Removal & Plantation Rodents In Attic Including Roof Rats

Squirrels are starting to mate for their season litters now.

We Control Critters Every Day. From snakes in basements to bats in the attic. Squirrels in your attic can and will chew wires to keep their teeth from growing into their faces. Rats use abandoned pluming vents to gain access to your house, behind the walls. Holes in tour masonry will allow rodents access to your house day and night. Bat Removal , Skunk Trapping, and Raccoon Babies  are services we serve everyday.

Plantation Pigeon Removal & Plantation Bats In Attic

Bat Removal Season Is Coming Fast

Bat Removal From Attics And Bat Guano Cleanup Services Available

Pigeons & Bats can really damage an attic if  allowed to remain inside it. We Clean these types of contamination up daily. We use TYVEK suits, Respirators and HEPA vacuums {not SHOP VACS}when we are removing contaminated fecal matter. If You suspect you have an animal contaminated attic, contact us immediately. For more information on disease associated with animal droppings go to the Center for Disease Control web site

Plantation skunk removal skunk trapper beaver atti scratching

Plantation animal trapper wildlife removal animal control

Plantation Raccoon Removal & Plantation Raccoon Trapping

Raccoon Babies are Here Raccoon removal & prevention is needed now.

Raccoons Are the most frequent intruders in Plantation. They are using the sewers as highways around the city. Raccoons in the city are crafty creatures, the use attic fans and chimneys to access your house. these animals also refuse to pay rent. eviction and exclusion are the best way to deal with them. you can trap them every day in Plantation, but another one moves in. Wasted money if you ask me.


Broward County Raccoon Removal/Broward County animal Trapping


I did a bat inspection on a house today, the homeowner said he had bats living in his house,BUT, I found out they were not living in his house all the time.

I checked out the attic and there was very little bat guano in the attic but one of the dormers were loaded with bat guano on the outside. The home owner told me he only heard them this time of year. with all of this evidence it was very easy to tell that this was a maternity roost and not a full time roost. The mother bats will move out once the baby bats are old enough to fly.

The male bats will move in with a male colony and the female bats will stay with the mothers. It is possible that the house could become a full time roost which is why they decided to have an exclusion done once the baby bats are old enough to fly. It takes time to figure some things but this house was easy to figure out. When you have a problem with bats give us a call, we can help

       The biggest trick to solving an animal problem in a building is finding the entry hole, this may not always be as easy as it seems. I have had easy jobs and jobs where it had taken me hours and hours just to find out where the animals was getting in. On one house I had a gray squirrel getting in and couldn't figure out how he was getting in.  

            I spent hours until I found a cedar shake attached by one nail that moved over when the squirrel came and went. It pushed over and slid back perfectly so you couldn't tell it was able to be moved. behind the shake was a hole that was used to blow in insulaton in the walls. Sometimes you have to really look for the entry hole, you cant solve the problem without finding it.

            You can put traps all over and take everything but if you dot trap the right one and seal it then they are going to keep coming back and this isn't fair to the customer.


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 I highly recommend US Animal Control/Brian Embick, a.k.a “The Trapper Man,” to solve unwanted wild animal inhabitation of your property. Upon learning about the raccoons living in my attic, I called a different local trapper. After more than a week of unsuccessful results, I began looking for a trapper with a more effective approach.

   I learned of Brian’s innovative, humane techniques and immediately switched trappers. Within a day, Brian had already inspected my attic, set up his traps, and installed his unique raccoon-rerouting method at my home. By the next day Brian had trapped one HUGE raccoon that was prowling around the entrance to the hole the raccoons had made in a soffit. Brian relocated this raccoon. The same day he captured four infant raccoons within the attic. One day later, the mother raccoon left my attic, reunited with her babies, and relocated her family elsewhere! From start to finish, Brian “The Trapper Man” was reliable, efficient, and professional.
Michelle Krzmarzick
Pacific Elementary School
310-546-8044 x5726       Fifth Grade Teacher


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