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South Dakota Raccoon In Attic animal Control

At Sturgis US Animal Control we specialize in removing Animals and wildlife from your attics and properties. We locate your animals entrance, get the offending critter out, then we seal the entrance. When we remove an animal from you house we GUARANTEE the animal will not be able to return to your house. 90% of our work id done through exclusion, this means closing of areas animals can enter.

Animal Exclusion is the best HUMANE way to get rid of animals Permanently. Many Of Sturgis's Creatures Are Raccoons Squirrels And Rats. We are frequently excluding raccoons from chimneys and attics, and rats from ceilings. We never use poison or killing style traps.

Sturgis Animal Control Trapping & Sturgis Critter Removal

Sturgis Snake Removal & Sturgis Snake Trappping

If we have to set traps we only set live traps like the one pictured to the right. This trap allows the animal to enter in search of food , get caught , and be removed from the property without being harmed. This trap is safe to set because it cannot hurt the animal and also it cannot hurt any little kid fooling around with it. We take great pride in placement, this keeps the trap hidden from public eye, and keeps a trapped animal safe and not stressed. Groundhogs and wood chucks are living under the porch, trapping and concrete exclusions can solve your problems.

South Dakota raccoon trap animal control

South Dakota animal control snake mole trapper

Sturgis Squirrel Removal & Sturgis Rodents In Attic Including Roof Rats

Squirrels are starting to mate for their season litters now.

We Control Critters Every Day. From snakes in basements to bats in the attic. Squirrels in your attic can and will chew wires to keep their teeth from growing into their faces. Rats use abandoned pluming vents to gain access to your house, behind the walls. Holes in tour masonry will allow rodents access to your house day and night. Bat Removal , Skunk Trapping, and Raccoon Babies  are services we serve everyday.

Sturgis Pigeon Removal & Sturgis Bats In Attic

Bat Removal Season Is Coming Fast

Bat Removal From Attics And Bat Guano Cleanup Services Available

Pigeons & Bats can really damage an attic if  allowed to remain inside it. We Clean these types of contamination up daily. We use TYVEK suits, Respirators and HEPA vacuums {not SHOP VACS}when we are removing contaminated fecal matter. If You suspect you have an animal contaminated attic, contact us immediately. For more information on disease associated with animal droppings go to the Center for Disease Control web site

South Dakota skunk removal skunk trapper beaver atti scratching

South Dakota animal trapper wildlife removal animal control

Sturgis Raccoon Removal & Sturgis Raccoon Trapping

Raccoon Babies are Here Raccoon removal & prevention is needed now.

Raccoons Are the most frequent intruders in Sturgis. They are using the sewers as highways around the city. Raccoons in the city are crafty creatures, the use attic fans and chimneys to access your house. these animals also refuse to pay rent. eviction and exclusion are the best way to deal with them. you can trap them every day in Sturgis, but another one moves in. Wasted money if you ask me.



Specifically, one can not possess members of the Cervidae, Suidae, Tayassuidae (peccaries), Bovidae (bison, mountain goat, mountain sheep), nor can they possess coyotes, bears, turkeys, and furbearers. However, there are no state laws governing the possession of non-domesticated felines, primates, reptiles, and other wildlife not listed above. Special thanks to Kevin for guiding Ron and the nights discussion.

Skunks, moles, and other animals that can damage your lawn - we trap them all. Our professional pest management of wildlife and animals can solve all of your Sioux Falls critter capture and control needs. Skunk control and removal will always be unpredictable. Trapping skunks pose a special problem. Skunks (polecats) are medium-sized, primarily nocturnal animals whose diet consists mainly of insects and small rodents. They also are one of the few animals who eat honeybees.

Skunks , or polecats also like to dig under concrete or decks to find places to live. Leaving a garage door open is very inviting for them and often find pet food there. Skunks or polecats are are one of two big carriers of rabies �in the State of Oklahoma. Bats, raccoons, skunks, foxes, and coyotes have strains of rabies virus adapted to their species.

Bat species such as the big brown bat, the eastern red bat and the hoary bat are active at night in the state. The nine-banded armadillo has made its way up from its native Mexico as far north as Kansas. Bats become a nuisance when they nest in attics, barns, bell towers, soffits, and other parts of buildings. Their guano (droppings) contain disease-causing organisms, their parasites can transmit serious diseases, and the bats themselves have a high incidence of rabies.

Prairie dog males disperse before the first breeding season of their lives. They travel either to neighboring coteries or to a new site. Prairie dogs are susceptible to plague, and entire dog towns can be eliminated quickly. Although ferrets were thought to be resistant to the disease, the death of a captive ferret in 1994 to plague it acquired from eating an infected prairie dog is cause for concern. Prairie dogs are in the squirrel family. These animals dig tunnels for homes and live together in big groups.

Chipmunks are often confused with thirteen-lined ground squirrels (Spermophilus tridecemlineatus), also called ?striped gophers, The thirteen-lined ground squirrel is yellowish, lacks the facial stripes, and its tail is not as hairy as the chipmunks. Chipmunks do not enter a deep hibernation as do ground squirrels, but rely on the cache of food they have brought to their burrow. Some individuals become active on warm, sunny days during the winter. Chipmunks are not protected by federal law, but state and local regulations may apply. Most states allow landowners or tenants to take chipmunks when they are causing or about to cause damage.

Chipmunks have internal cheek pouches that are used to transport food or excavated soil. The chipmunk does not hibernate.

Coyotes are the primary predator of the swift fox. Coyotes also live off of predating other wildlife like�squirrels, rats, mice, voles, moles, gophers, ground squirrels,prairie dogs and lets not forget your own pets etc. There is no better answer to coyotes then an effective coyote trapping program.

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Dear TIm,

I very much enjoyed speaking with you on the phone about the animal problem in my ceiling. You not only explained how your company works, but the fact that you close up any potential entry areas and guarantee your work made me feel I had chosen the right company.

Your technician, Russell, politely called ahead to let me know when he would arrive within the time window we had predetermined. Upon arrival, Russell surveyed my raccoon and squirrel problem, then explained to me how he was going to handle it. He was very thorough and maintained phone contact with me to keep apprise of the situation. Additionally, he made several trips back to check the progress and then finish the job.

He also pointed out that my kitchen exhaust had no cover on it, and he took care of that issue as well.  Which was very helpful, because I would have felt awful if I had accidentally smoked a nest of baby birds.

Thank you for your service. I will certainly recommend your company to anyone I know who has a wild animal control animal issue. Thank again.


KT (Kathleen) Robeson